• August 4, 2022

A mysterious and deadly type of diabetes discovered

Scientists have discovered a mysterious and fatal type of diabetes that affects people with the disease who live for barely a year after diagnosis.

According to foreign media reports, scientists have discovered a mysterious but deadly type of diabetes, people affected by this disease can live barely a year after diagnosis. The disease is known as a malnutrition-related disease and affects millions of people in Asian and sub-Saharan countries.

According to research published in the journal Diabetes Care, a health magazine, the disease, known as ‘low BMI diabetes’, usually affects thin and poor young adults barely a year after diagnosis. Only they can survive. However, recent research findings may pave the way for new treatments for those affected.

Research has said that it is possible that people affected by this disease are young and thin, so these people are affected by type 1 diabetes. However, according to the researchers, insulin injections are usually of no use in such patients, and low blood sugar may be the cause of their death.

According to the researchers, type 2 diabetes, which is usually associated with obesity, is not even apparent in such patients, and doctors are uncertain about how to treat the disease due to a lack of information about the disease.

In this regard, a statement by Meredith Hawkins, a professor of medicine at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the United States, has also come out, in which she has admitted that there is no guidance in the current scientific literature regarding the management of diabetes related to poor diet. The disease is rare in high-income countries, but it exists in more than 60 low- and middle-income countries.

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