• August 7, 2022

A special message from ‘Hamza’ to the fans of the drama ‘Mere Humsafar’

Singer and actor Farhan Saeed, who plays the role of ‘Hamza’ in ARY Digital’s drama serial ‘Mere Humsafar’, has issued a special message to his fans.

Farhan Saeed wrote in a long post along with his picture on Instagram: ‘Hamza Raees Ahmed:- This is a role which I didn’t think I would get so much acceptance before doing it, I just did what felt right to me. ‘.

He wrote: ‘Honestly, the purpose of this post is to thank you all, you guys have watched and loved the drama millions of times on YouTube, trending in many countries after every episode. The character was minor until she was made a fan special.

The singer and actor wrote that the credit of my success goes to you guys.

In the Instagram post, he also thanked actress Aniya Aamir who played the role of wife ‘Hala’ in the play. He wrote: ‘I also want to thank Haniya Aamir who energizes me on set in an amazing way’.

Farhan Saeed said that Hania Aamir surprised me like millions of viewers by playing the role of ‘Hala’. At the end of the post, I also thanked the actor-director Qasim Ali Mureed and the team.

The drama ‘Mere Humsafar’ airs on ARY Digital every Thursday at 8 PM. So far 31 episodes have been aired.

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