• August 16, 2022

After twelve years, the arrival of ‘Mercy of God’ to Karan Teupsh, the pictures went viral

Famous Pakistani actress and model Karan Teupsh gave birth to her first child after twelve years.

This good news was announced by the actress herself on her Instagram account, Karan Teupsh wrote that God has blessed her with a daughter and this is her first child.

Captioning the post on Instagram, Karan Teupsh wrote, “Those people are lucky whose first child is a daughter,
Allah has also blessed me.

While thanking God for the arrival of the baby girl, the actress wrote that Alhamdulillah, Allah has finally blessed us with this
mercy after twelve years now we have become parents.

At the same time, he mentioned his daughter’s name in his post and wrote to meet my daughter Aza Hamza Malik and remember us in your prayers.

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The actress shared another story of hers and wrote that Aza’s father also had the honor of giving the adhan in his daughter’s ear.

On this special occasion, Kiran Teupsh wrote a verse from Surah Rahman which translates as “And which of the blessings of your Lord you withhold”.

While his fans expressed their happiness at Karan’s post, showbiz personalities also expressed their best wishes for his family.

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