• June 13, 2022

Allowance with extra salary also … The big news came


Lahore: Punjab government employees will also get 15% disparity allowance along with 15% additional salary.

According to the details, there was great good news for the Punjab government employees in the budget of the new financial year.

Grade 1 to 19 employees with 15% extra salary will get 15% disparity allowance, Punjab government will give disparity allowance in the name of special allowance.

The disparity allowance will be given only to the employees of certain government departments while the salaries of the employees of the Secretariat and the Chief Minister’s Office will be increased by 15%.

In Punjab budget, pension will be increased by 5% on the pattern of federation.

It may be recalled that the federal government had announced a 15% increase in salaries and 5% increase in pensions of government employees in the budget.

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