• August 14, 2022

An easy way to fix a valuable smartphone that has fallen into water

Smartphone has become a necessity of today, if this precious phone falls into water, now it can be easily repaired at home.

In addition to being valuable, a smartphone has also become a necessity along with today’s habit. It is used for everything from education to business, but if this phone falls into water, you can lose thousands or even millions of rupees, but there are several ways to easily repair it at home.

So if your phone falls under water while using it, the first thing you need to do is disconnect it and turn it off immediately. Then remove the SIM and memory card from it and place the phone in a place where there is strong sunlight so that the water and moisture inside can dry out quickly.

If you have a hair dryer, use it to dry the phone.

Another easy way to dry a water-dripping cell phone and reuse it is in your kitchen.

Rice is present in every house, but few people know that it can dry moisture, so if such an accident happened to you, after turning off the phone and removing the SIM and memory card, put it in a pile of rice. It will dry all the moisture in the phone itself and the phone can be used again.

However, it is a quick means to repair damaged mobile phones. After all these matters, it is mandatory to show your mobile phone in a good mobile shop so that in case of malfunction it can be removed and some losses can be avoided.

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