• June 13, 2022

“Are all inflation records going to be broken?”


ISLAMABAD: Economist Muzammil Aslam has asked whether all the records of inflation are going to be broken.

According to the details, economist Muzammil Aslam in his statement on social networking site Twitter said that the historical inflation in the country was seen in the period of PP-09-2008 and 1973, also in the 90’s. The question is whether all records are going to be broken. ?

It is to be noted that after the budget, in the terrible wave of inflation, the increase in the prices of food items has blown the minds of the people.

In Karachi, the prices of fruits and vegetables have gone up by Rs 20 to 30 per kg while milk is being sold at Rs 150 to Rs 100 per liter.

Potatoes and onions were also sold at Rs. 10 per kg, tomatoes at Rs. 60 per kg and tomatoes at Rs. 1800 per kg. Is.

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