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Britney Spears, relocate to Prince Harry Meghan Markle’s neighborhood

“Britney believed that being freed from her conservatorship would be the answer to her troubles,” the source told the outlet.

“But while many A-listers have coping mechanisms for the attention they attract, Britney doesn’t and that’s starting to cause tension between her and Sam.

“It’s causing some members of their inner circle to fear they may be heading for a heartbreaking divorce if they can’t read

Celebrity endorsements don’t do what they were supposed to do bc many of us don’t really want to be lectured by someone with green hair! Yes, it may help with the younger voters. But it definitely turns off a lot of grown-ups. It will likely do more harm than good when it comes down to numbers..

In April 2019, one month before Archie was born, Meghan and Harry launched their own Instagram handle, @sussexroyal, which reached 1 million followers within six hours. On their own account, they refused to play the “exchange game”: They broke their own news, posting photos that sometimes never even made it to the Royal Rota. Shortly after they officially stepped back from their royal duties, they shut down @sussexroyal. (They could no longer use royal in their branding.) Later, in an interview with Fortune, Meghan declared that she wasn’t planning on getting back on social media — the constant bullying had been too much. So this divulgence, in addition to being newsworthy, is a symbol of progress: proof that she and Harry have made it to the other side of all the drama that defined their past three years.eghan’s journey from Deal or No Deal suitcase girl to princess had the makings of a fairy tale or, at the very least, a stellar romantic comedy, but it took almost no time to turn into an extraction plot from a mid-’90s political thriller. The seemingly storybook wedding in 2018 was followed by a year of clandestine conversations with the 1,200-year-old institution dubbed the Firm, during which the couple asked for help in relieving Meghan’s declining mental health. When those talks went nowhere.



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