• August 18, 2022

Broken roads in Karachi caused spinal cord damage

Medical experts say that after continuous rains in Karachi, traveling on broken roads is causing irreparable damage to people’s spine, as a result of which back pain and neck problems are increasing dramatically.

The senior rheumatologists associated with the renowned Pak American Arthritis Center and Al-Ahad Medical Center expressed these views while addressing a press conference at the Karachi Press Club on Wednesday.

Seventy percent of the back pain patients coming to city hospitals are men and women traveling in motorbikes or rickshaws, while car riders are also suffering from various bone and muscle disorders as a result of shocks on the roads.

The press conference was addressed by Dow University of Health Sciences Musculoskeletal and Arthritis Specialist Dr. Tabib Rasool, Renowned Rheumatologist Dr. Tahira Parveen and Director of Aida Medical Center Roman Khan. On this occasion, Managing Director of Pak American Arthritis Center Dr. Saleha Ishaq addressed the United States online.

Medical experts said that patients who ignore back or spinal cord pain or suffer from the same pain repeatedly are at risk of permanent disability.

As a result of the broken roads, while the poor patients are facing additional financial burden due to treatment and medicines, these people are losing their jobs and daily wages due to long bed rest.

Dr. Tabib Rasool said that due to the bad shock absorbers of bikes and rickshaws and the bad condition of the roads, as a result of disc slippage, the seals of the spinal cord are compressed.

In the back where our veins pass, sometimes people will have an underlying genetic problem that has not been revealed and in the event of a shock or an accident there will be an injury and they become victims of autoimmune diseases.

He said that the cases of back pain have increased due to the dilapidated condition of the roads, cracks and potholes, mechanical back pain is very high due to the roads, in some cases it is so severe that their daily life is affected. It happens.

Dr. Tabib Rasool said that bikers have direct pressure on the vertebrae due to the bumps due to the disc between the spine and the seals where the nerves are damaged.

This can result in back pain, stretch marks and pain in the joints, if there is repeated stretching and jerking, the joints can slip out of place resulting in pelvic pain.

If one is already a patient of arthritis, then the patient’s body loses flexibility and as a result of a sudden shock, their spine may also fracture.

He said that patients who ignore pain in the back or joints or suffer from the same pain again and again have the fear of permanent disability.

Dr. Tabib Rasool said that the shocks and condition of bikes are not good and autorickshaws also have the same problem due to which elderly people especially women who have osteoporosis suffer multiple fractures due to these shocks. And we have such cases.

Dr. Naila Parveen said that due to continuous rains in the city, the condition of the roads has worsened and more puddles and potholes have formed on the roads.

Due to which there is an increase in mechanical pain in young and old people, we already do not sit correctly in routine so our back is not 100% normal.

He said that back pain is the second major reason among those who go to the physicians and 80 to 90 percent of the people must suffer from it once in their life.

Matters get worse when you have an accident or an injury i.e. injury due to potholes due to poor road conditions.

Due to the pressure on our nerves and back, these shocks put pressure on our joints which causes symptoms in the form of severe pain.

Dr. Naila Parveen said that our roads are so substandard that they deteriorate in two years, a standard policy should be announced.

Dr. Saleha Ishaq said that repetitive pain or injury that becomes your permanent illness is called rheumatic injury in many countries of the world, motorcyclists travel repeatedly on these bad roads and they get rheumatic injury. .

In a seal injury, the soft material or cushioned bone that starts to come out slowly causes sciatica.

You will be constantly cycling on these bad roads, as a result you will suffer from multiple diseases, you will not sleep at night due to pain, your blood pressure will be high, a disease like Many diseases start,

He said that the government should improve the condition of the roads, as a result of the broken roads, where the poor patients are facing additional financial burden due to treatment and medicines, these people are deprived of jobs and daily wages due to long bed rest. are happening

Due to rheumatological injury there is pain in the shoulders and back, arthritis settles in the bones

Roman Khan said that the biggest problem occurs when people do not know who to turn to after suffering from pain.

Who will treat this disease, this thing is not known to the common person, for this we have issued a toll free number if anyone is suffering from joint and muscle pain contact this toll free helpline number 021111113423.

Depending on the nature of his pain and illness, this helpline will suggest treatment and provide free guidance.

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