• June 14, 2022

‘CID’ inspectors get caught up in real life

Mumbai: Harishkesh Pandey, who played the role of Inspector Sachin in popular Indian drama serial ‘CID’, has been robbed.

According to Indian media reports, the incident with Harishkesh Pandey took place on a bus with his family on a leisurely journey from Colaba area of ​​Mumbai to Tardeo, as a result of which he lost his valuables, money and important documents.

Harishkesh Pandey has registered a case of police incident.

Talking to media, he said that when he got off the bus and checked his bag, important documents including cash, credit and other cards were missing.

Harishkesh said that he has solved many cases by playing the role of an inspector in the drama serial CID but now such an incident has happened to me.

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He said that they were also making fun of the incident on social media about how a ‘CID officer’ was robbed.

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