• August 7, 2022

Deepika revealed the real reason behind her thoughts of suicide in the past

Momnai: Bollywood’s famous actress Deepika Padukone has explained the real reason why the idea of ​​suicide came to mind repeatedly in the past.

According to Indian media, while speaking at an event, Deepika Padukone said: ‘In 2014, I was suffering from severe depression, I followed the advice of medical experts to overcome it and my family members supported me a lot. I used to think of committing suicide.

Deepika Padukone said, “I give full credit for my recovery from depression to my mother, who not only informed me of my illness but also supported me to fight it.”

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The actress said: ‘It happened when I was at the height of my fame and everything was normal, but I don’t know how it all happened and I was starting to feel it.’

She said that during depression she did not like to get out of bed, every time she found excuses to sleep because sleep was the only way to avoid depression.

Deepika Padukone said: ‘Parents live in Bangor and come to see me often, during the depression I used to meet them like everything was fine because parents always have to make sure you’re fine’.

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She said that I used to cry when my parents went back to Bangalore and my mother would often ask me, ‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ And I couldn’t always answer it.

Deepika said that she followed the advice of medical experts to get rid of depression, took medicines for several months and then felt some improvement.

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