• June 15, 2022

Do what you have to do, stand with Imran Khan and I will stay, Monis Elahi’s announcement


Lahore: Former Federal Minister Monis Elahi has decided to appear in the FIA ​​office in person and said that he will stand by Imran Khan and will stay.

According to details, former federal minister Monis Elahi, while deciding to appear in the FIA ​​office himself, said that he was going to the FIA ​​office himself.

The former federal minister said that he had faced such reprisals before, no matter what the PML-N did, he would stand by Imran Khan and would remain so.

Talking to ARY News, Monis Elahi said that out of Lahore, the FIR was detected by the media. Usually, notices are given before the FIRs.

I already knew that I would do this with Imran Khan, but I am ready to pay the price.

If they think that I will be scared, then the real thing is that they are leaving with their own allies. Let them do what they have to do, then I will do what I have to do.

If you want to get something out of the arrest, then take a look, ask and answer questions, do whatever it takes to torture them, they will be ashamed and will tell the allegations.

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