• June 14, 2022

Great news for travelers to the United States

Washington: The Corona Test requirement for travelers traveling to the United States has been abolished.

According to the details, the United States has abolished the condition of quad test for international passengers arriving by air.

After the condition expires, visitors to the United States will no longer have to show a negative Kwid test result or proof of recovery to enter the country.

A senior Biden administration official told the media that tremendous progress had been made in the fight against the virus. ۔

The Center for Disease Control said in a statement that in the current situation, it is not necessary to take a corona test for travel, however, if the situation worsens, it will not hesitate to withdraw the decision.

A spokesman for the Center for Disease Control said the decision was made on the basis of strong vaccinations and mass immunization in the population.

The spokesman said that measures against the coronavirus have been instrumental in reducing the risk of serious illness and death from covidia across the United States, leading to the withdrawal of the condition, which is now contagious. Was very much needed in the early stages of

It may be recalled that the travel industry in the United States had launched a campaign to abolish the condition of corona test.

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