• August 16, 2022

‘I believe in you more than myself’

In ARY Digital’s ‘Mere Humsafar’, Rumi meets Waqas despite her mother’s ban.

Farhan Saeed (Hamza), Hania Aamir (Hala), Saba Hameed (Shahjahan), Waseem Abbas, Zoya Nasir, Umar Shehzad (Khurram), Hira Khan (Rumi), Samina Ahmed (Hala’s grandmother) in Mere Humsafar. , Ali Khan (Hala’s father) and others play the lead roles.

In the previous episode 33, it was shown that ‘Rumi arrives at the hotel to meet Waqas and says I trust you more than myself.’

Rumi says, “My uncle is leaving for London today.” Waqas says that “after your uncle leaves for London, your mother will arrive here immediately.”

She says she can’t come so early, anyway I have my breakfast ready, I am going to college.

Waqas says that ‘today tell me what to do next because I did everything a lover could do, I fell in love with your mother.’

Romi says I trust you more than myself and you will never leave me alone.

She says that ‘I thought your mother should bring a relation to my house, to this Waqqas says she is mad, how can I bring my mother to your house.’

Is Waqas cheating on Rumi or his mother won’t allow Rumi and Waqas to marry? Watch My Humsafar every Thursday at 8 PM to find out.

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