• April 9, 2022

If voting is stopped or obstructed, it will be contempt of court, Maryam Nawaz

ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) prophet Maryam Aurangzeb has advised Prime Minister Imran Khan not to disdain of court and said that the entire government platoon has lost its internal balanceHave come

The no- confidence stir will be suggested on in the National Assembly moment as per the court order. In a statement, the PML-N prophet said that if voting was stopped or dammed, it would be a disdain of court. The Supreme Court has given a clearverdict.However, the unconstitutional gang will also be shamefaced of disdain of court, If it isn’t followed. The unconstitutional mob shouldn’t force government officers and staff to disdain of court.

Imran Sahib is also fraudulent on squandering the option of going home with honor. He said that no other matter can come under’Order of the Day’under court decisionconstitution and rules. False and ridiculous statements of global conspiracy have been buried like responsibility and fake statements of Imran Sahib. Do not do sabotage and disdain of courtDo not waste any further time. On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that we aren’t going anywhere. You should see what happens.

meeting of the administrative party was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister. According to sources, the administrative party expressed full confidence in the opinions of Prime Minister Imran Khan. After being asked by the MPs to form the strongest opposition in the meeting, Imran Khan intruded and said that why the opposition isn’t going anywhere. You have to see what happens. The conspiracy won’t succeed. All members should go to their constituencies and inform their people about the conspiracy.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister took the administrative party into confidence on the current situation, on which the administrative party expressed full confidence and said that we’re with you whatever the Prime Minister ordersAlso asked questionsAccording to sources, the Prime Minister told the MPs that hear to me, Shahbaz Sharif won’t be suitable to wear Achkan. All these together can not stop us, the nation is with us.

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