• August 16, 2022

‘If you go away, I will die’

In ARY Digital’s ‘Dil Veeran’, Talal and Minhal became one and Hasan also left Minhal behind, after which Talal and Minhal forgave him, while Imran’s wife Hafsa, fed up with Imran Pagal’s violence, committed suicide. .

The final episode of ‘Dil Veeran’ was aired in which the misunderstandings between Talal and Minhal were cleared and Haider also realized that he had come between Minhal and Talal, after which they parted ways.

Haider goes to Minhal and says, “What if I couldn’t bear the tears in your eyes and I never will, and whatever I did was for your happiness and to see you smile.”

He further says Minhal if you forgive me I will be able to live in peace otherwise I will die.

Minhal says, ‘Whatever happened happened unintentionally, I have forgiven you, but now you have to live for Mahim, not me.’

He says find your happiness in Mahima’s happiness. She likes you very much. Hold Mahim’s hand with growing love.’

Haider says that ‘Talal wants you so much Minhal and you want him too with all your heart and soul, I know he would do anything for you.’

Haider also apologizes to Talal and says that if you forgive me, the burden of my heart will be lightened, then Talal says that ‘free yourself from all the sorrow and forget what happened.’

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