• August 16, 2022

Important news regarding Facebook Messenger

The good news for users who use Facebook Messenger to chat with friends and family is that Messenger has now started testing a number of privacy features.

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In fact, Messenger users have always wanted to be sure that their online conversations with friends and family would be private and secure.

Now the world’s largest social media Facebook Messenger is starting to test “end-to-end” features to make the app’s messages more secure.

Messenger’s blog post said that messages between users under the “end-to-end” features will not be seen or accessed by Facebook or any third party other than those listed. they will be able to

Users will soon be able to “end” their messages and chat history, Messenger Chat will also introduce a feature that will allow users to keep a chat for a longer period of time if they want, and the same chat will be lost. mobile or computer. But it can be returned.

To use this feature, the Company will provide users with the option to create a password or PIN to preserve end-to-end chat history.

As part of the said privacy features, calls are also made “end-to-end”, which means that no third party will have access to calls made on Messenger.

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