• August 23, 2022

India: Robin Hood of Delhi arrested

New Delhi: The Robin Hood of Delhi who snitched on the police was arrested.

According to the details, the Delhi Police in India arrested the man called Robin Hood, 27-year-old Wasim Akram had gained a lot of fame by robbing the wealth of the rich and distributing it to the poor.

Delhi Police says that Robin Hood Wasim Akram used to rob rich people and share part of the theft among the poor. Is.

According to Indian media, Wasim, the Indian Robin Hood, had the support of local citizens for helping the poor, who kept him informed of police movements, and he always managed to escape.

Delhi Police claim that Wasim Akram and his gang robbed rich houses, stole cash and jewelry and gave only some of it to the poor, keeping most of the wealth for themselves.

The police force claimed that Akram, also known as Limbu, had committed 160 offences, including murder and attempted rape.

According to the Delhi Police, a special cell had been set up to nab Robin Hood, who was finally nabbed on Friday after a four-month hunt, also accused of firing during an attempt to arrest him in June.

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