• July 26, 2022

Introducing another interesting feature on Instagram

Another interesting feature is being introduced for the popular photo sharing app Instagram’s Reels, users have expressed their love for the said feature.

According to the international website, Meta, the company that owns Instagram, has announced that the social sharing application will soon introduce the feature of remixing images to create reels, or short videos.

Under the mentioned feature, users will be able to use their photos as videos to create reels.

For this feature, users will not need to download their photos shared on Instagram, but under the feature, they will only select the selected photo and their photos will become part of the Reels Mixing.

Various templates will also be introduced to enhance the said feature on Instagram, through which users will be able to remix their photos with other videos or photos.

Not only this, but the quality of the Instagram camera will also be improved in addition to more music and audio mixing features on Instagram.

The purpose of introducing Reels features on Instagram is to compete with the short video application Tik Tok, Meta is introducing various features not only on Instagram but also on Facebook.

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