• June 14, 2022

Kiwi player’s six, the ball fell directly into the spectator’s glass


During the second Test between England and New Zealand, Daryl Mitchell’s six hit the ball into the spectator’s drink glass.

The incident happened in the 56th over of New Zealand’s innings when the ball landed on a spectator’s drink glass on Darrell Mitchell’s six during the second Test against England.

Mitchell took two steps forward and threw Jack Leach’s ball off the field for a six, which fell straight into the drink glass of a female spectator in the stands and all the drink fell on the woman’s mouth.

The video of him throwing the ball in this six and drink has gone viral on social media.

The loss of the dip in the glass left both the spectator and the England spectator with no drink to drink and the English bowlers were unable to swing the ball, after which Mitchell met the spectator and offered him a drink.

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