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Lioness Was Saved, Thanks To Her NEW Neighbor

Sheila is a beautiful lioness who has spent the majority of her life as a private party show animal. Her wellbeing, on the other hand, started to deteriorate. Her caretaker couldn’t afford her routine health care, but animal rights advocates were able to save her. Sheila, on the other hand, seemed to be far gone at that point. Her new guardians were worried about having to lay her down.

Saving Sheila

Sheila was among the lions saved in July 2009 by the US Department of Agriculture. Most of the other lions were sick that year, but Sheila’s condition was particularly bad. She was light as a feather, frail, and exposed. Despite knowing she had a small chance of survival, her rescuers took a chance and helped her anyway. They decided to give her the opportunity to change at the very least.


Sheila was taken from her previous caretaker in 2009 by the Department of Agriculture. Lions rescued every year are found in bad shape and Sheila wasn’t an exception.

She weighed way less than a healthy lioness should and looked frail. They weren’t expecting her to pull through but they still tried their best to help her. They knew it was a long shot but they couldn’t leave her to die. She deserved a chance.


Rescuing Sheila

Sheila was one of the lions rescued by the U.S Department of Agriculture in July 2009. A lot of the lions rescued that year were in poor shape, but Sheila’s condition was particularly dire.


males are 5.6 to 8.3 feet (1.7 to 2.5 meters)

Weight: Females weigh 270 to 400 pounds (122 to 180 kilograms); males weigh 330 to 570 pounds (150 to 260 kilograms)

Tail length: 27 to 41 inches (70 to 105 centimeters)



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