• August 4, 2022

Pakistan won the first gold medal at the Commonwealth Games

Birmingham: Pakistan has won its first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games.

Pakistani weightlifter Muhammad Noh Dastgirbat won the gold medal in the weightlifting tournament of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Muhammad Noh Dastgirbat lifted 173 kg in snatch and 232 kg in clean and jerk. picked up.

Noah Dastgir Butt lifted a total of 405 kg and won the gold medal.

It should be noted that the number of medals won by Pakistan in the Commonwealth Games has increased to two. Earlier, Shah Hussain Shah won the bronze medal in the ninety kg category judo competition, Shah Hussain Shah defeated the South African judoka to win the bronze medal.

It should be noted that Australia has completed its century of medals in various Commonwealth events. Australian athletes have so far won 42 gold, 32 silver and 32 bronze medals in total 106 medals.

England is second with 86 medals, including 31 gold, while New Zealand is in third position with a total of 26 medals. Apart from this, Canada is fourth, South Africa is fifth and India is sixth.

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