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Royal photographer shares interested things about ‘great man’ King Charles

Royal photographer Arthur Edwards, who began working for the royal family in the seventies, has shared his knowledge about King Charles III, saying “what a great man he is”.

It is to mention here that King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned on Saturday, May 6. The Coronation ceremony will take place at Westminster Abbey, the same venue that was used for Queen Elizabeth II’s Coronation in 1953.

Previously, Edwards shared his thoughts about Prince Harry, particularly the man he once was, saying: “He’s a gifted young man who was so engaging with people. He could get things off his chest, and you didn’t take offence.

Edward added: “You could do the same, and he wouldn’t take offense. When I look at him now, he just seems so unhappy.

There, she started by writing, “My impression from his memoir is that Harry wants to make a crusade of applying sunlight to corrupt media practices and his family’s participation in them.”

“If he succeeds in fighting the vile forces that he feels contributed to his mother’s death and imperiled his newfound love, he might bring a greater sense of decency in Britain, and maybe even curtail the power of the worst practices in media. Good luck to him.”

Queen Elizabeth and King Charles III (then Prince of Wales) at a polo game in 2003. 
Tim Rooke/Shutterstock
“This image is a favorite of mine as it captures a typical mother-and-son relationship,” Rooke told Insider via email. “A mother on the sideline watching her son playing on a muddy sports field. There are no other distractions — it’s just a lovely authentic moment between the two. Despite the setting, the Queen still looks immaculate, which does make for a fun contrast.”

The annual Braemar Highland Gatherings in Scotland provided Rooke with the chance to photograph Charles and his mother in a more relaxed setting.

“I love how relaxed they look — they’re just enjoying each other’s company in a country they both hold so fondly,” Rooke said of photographing the royals at the event.

Their smiles and expressions are so similar. It also reminds you that the Royal Family is, at the end of the day, just a family,” he said. “Capturing those moments when that family resemblance is so clear is fun as I know it’s something the public always likes to analyze — as we do with our own family photos!”

Rooke took his last official photos of Queen Elizabeth in June

It feels particularly poignant that the last time I captured her on camera she was standing alongside our future King. And no doubt she was smiling!”



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