• June 13, 2022

Saba Qamar’s harsh response to critics of second marriage


Leading actress of Pakistan film industry Saba Qamar has given a strong answer to the critics of remarriage.

A short excerpt from Saba Qamar’s recent interview on the photo and video sharing application Instagram is going viral in the form of a video in which she is talking about her second marriage.

In the video, Saba Qamar can be heard saying that we are all shameless in the four walls of the house, we do everything but do not let anyone know, we are all afraid of each other.

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In the interview, Saba Qamar said that people will have their own 10 affairs but they will criticize the girl’s second marriage. There is no accountability for having 10 affairs.

Defending the second marriage, he said that why people do not understand that the second marriage is legal.


Earlier in the interview, the host asked, “Are you in love?” Saba Qamar replied that you know that if I fall in love, I will say it openly and I will tell it when it is over.

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The actress said that I am happy with “them”, we all love, some people are asking about my love and some guesses, I will definitely get married and we will be happy, wish To go on Hajj with my future husband.

On the question of saying goodbye to showbiz, Saba Qamar said that it is difficult for me to continue acting, even if it is not acting, I will do something else.

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