• June 14, 2022

Sadhu Musa Wala stickers on cars in Pakistan

Lahore: Famous Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala is also popular in Pakistan. After his death, his fans in Pakistan have started getting stickers and paint on cars and trucks.

According to the details, slain Indian Punjabi singer Sadhu Musa Wala has become a popular topic of car stickers in Pakistan as well. Like Indian fans, Pakistani fans are also remembering him in different ways.

An auto decorator from Faisalabad city of Punjab has shared the video sharing application Tik Tak by affixing Sidhu Musawala stickers on several vehicles.

Pictures have surfaced on various social media platforms in which Sadhu Musa Wala is being called a legend. A citizen named Rana Hassan affixed stickers of his pictures on his car to commemorate his favorite singer.

Various photos and videos are being shared by Pakistani Twitter users, in which tribute is being paid to the artist. Has happened

On this tweet, Fareeha wrote that Sadhu is dead but Punjabis have been united. For the first time, it seemed that there are no borders, no border does not matter Earlier, fans of Sadhu Musa Wala in Okara, Pakistan, had put up posters condemning his murder.

It should be noted that Pakistan is considered to be a big market for the film and music industry of Indian Punjab, where there is a significant number of fans of Punjabi films and songs. He will soon come to Pakistan and first to Lahore and then to Islamabad, but his dream did not come true.

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