• June 13, 2022

Saudi Arabia: Important news about the image of women without hijab in the identity card


Riyadh: Saudi officials have denied banning women from wearing pictures on their identity cards without hijab.

According to the details, the Saudi Department of Civil Affairs has said that there is no reality in the new Saudi identity card forcing women to take pictures without hijab.

Mohammad Al-Jasser, a spokesman for the Department of Civil Affairs, clarified that what is being said in this regard is baseless, the public should get the news from credible sources.


In fact, the Department of Civil Affairs has deleted an old clause regarding ID cards, stating that for the issuance of ID cards, women are required to cover their hair and neck, due to the removal of this clause. There is a misconception that the government has made it mandatory for women to wear hijab.

A spokesman for the department said the clause had now been deleted, which meant that women were no longer required to cover their hair and neck when taking pictures.

He said that samples have been issued for the photo standards set for the ID cards, which can be used to know which pictures are acceptable and which are not, while the age group is 10 to 14 years. The condition of Shamagh and Aqal has been abolished for the children of

The department has also provided the facility for some patients and the disabled that the photographer of the department will go to them and take a picture according to the standard.

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