• January 21, 2023


Colorful hot water bottle made of rubber is still in use to keep certain parts of the body and bed warm in winter. This bottle has a history, which takes us back centuries. With the onset of winter, when the era of warm clothes begins, new gas and electricity-powered innovations are resorted to keeping homes warm.

However, even in this modern era, you must have seen a rubber hot water bottle in some households, especially among the elderly. This bottle also has its own story and history. As the times changed, so did the methods of obtaining heat, but this is the only thing that could not be completely abandoned. So today let us tell you the history of this rubber hot water bottle.


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A tire manufacturer introduced the first rubber-model hot water bottle with a lid in 1920. An advertisement was also released in this series, which read, “If you are suffering and your health is declining, I advise you to put your hands in your pocket and drink hot water.” Buy a bottle. And then choose the right one: the Continental Hot Water Bottle!”

Even a trade journal was enthusiastic about it at the time. He wrote in one of his essays, “Who cannot stand before his bed and hesitates to change his crotch in the cold sheets, like a diver in front of an icy lake, but now you know that beneath the forbidden surface is midnight. ”A bright sun”. The rubber bottles were a huge success.

By the late 1990s, five million dispensers were being produced each year. The bottles were then discontinued due to competition from Asia. A coppersmith named Schilder created an even more beautiful copper bed warming pot with a lid and handle. Schilder lived in Paris but came from damp and frozen Germany. On November 11, 1808, he applied for a patent for his “bed warmer,” a fireproof pan that could be filled with charcoal or hot stones. It quickly became one of the household products recommended by Frauenzimmer-Lexikon, a book called “Frauenzimmer-Lexikon”. This book contained tips for housewives. After this book appeared, this new bed warmer was soon available in many chilly bedrooms—to warm ice-cold feet and shivering limbs.


These models were then replaced by the hot water bottle we see today. Flexible rubber easily adheres to the frozen body. They are available in many colors and sizes, covered in wool or synthetic leather, and can also be shaped like a furry bear or cat.

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