• April 9, 2022

The number of members participating in the important meeting of the united opposition before the voting came to light

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Office)-The meeting of the United Parliamentary Party of the United Opposition ended. The common administrative meeting of the United Opposition was attended by 176 members of the National Assembly while one member of the United Opposition left the National Assembly. The 22 iconoclastic members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) were also present in the Parliament lobby.
On the other hand, PML-N prophet Maryam Aurangzeb said that Imran Khan in his speech history blazoned a no– confidence vote. The days of speeches and debates are over. It’ll be illegal, unconstitutional. He added that he has no strategy now.

On the other handaccording to a report, if the no- confidence stir succeeds and the opposition sits on the throne of power, it’ll be over to the chairman to continue his work or he’ll be allowed to continue his workComposition 47 of the Constitution sets out the indictment of the President for the junking of the President in Pakistan. Also they can avoid indictment.

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