• August 18, 2022

The sea of ​​Karachi started moving forward, is the city in danger?

During the recent monsoon rains, the waves of the Arabian Sea also became uncontrollable and exceeded their limits, but experts say that the Arabian Sea as a whole is increasing its size, resulting in the flooding of Karachi and other coastal areas of Sindh. The land is sinking.

According to the details, Dr. Amir Alamgir, Professor of Environmental Sciences, speaking in the morning show of ARY News , said that the sea of ​​Karachi is advancing 1.1 mm on an annual basis and is swallowing the land.

Dr. Amir said that this is the result of rising temperature and climate change, which is increasing the level of seas.

He said that this expansion of the sea can prove to be very dangerous for Karachi and other coastal areas of Sindh.

Dr. Aamir said that Pakistan is a very small contributor to global warming, but it is among the top 10 worst affected countries, and if comprehensive planning is not done, it is also among the top 5 most affected countries. Can be included.

According to Dr. Amir, in the last 25 years, Pakistan has come to the hit zone of climate change and now its effects are showing badly.

He said that this year the country has received 60% more rains than normal and the abnormal pattern of rains will continue in the future.

Dr. Aamir stressed that climate change cannot be stopped but adaptation measures have to be taken to minimize its damages.

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