• August 7, 2022

The sequel of the blockbuster film ‘Joker’ has been announced

The sequel of the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Joker’ has been announced and will also feature actor Jacqueline Phoenix.

According to foreign media reports, ‘Joker 2’ will hit the theaters in 2024. Exactly five years ago today, ‘Joker’ was released.

The world famous singer Lady Gaga will also be seen in the sequel of the film. Lady Gaga will likely play the role of ‘Clown Princess’ to Harley Quinn’s co-conspirator in the crime.

‘Joker’ was considered a standalone film but the R-rated tent pole grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and earned actress Jacqueline Phoenix an Oscar.

Naturally, the actor is asking for big bucks to reprise his nefarious role as Arthur Flack. Phoenix’s salary for “Folie à Deux” will be $20 million.

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