• July 26, 2022

The video of the girl impersonating Mahira Khan went viral

Fans of showbiz personalities love their artists so much that they try to be like them, and most of them are successful.

It is obvious that copying is also an art, but copying also requires intelligence and those who can copy an actor or an artiste do not have to work hard to gain fame.

In this regard, a video is going viral on social media, in which fans of Pakistan’s famous actress Mahira Khan are seen imitating her.

Mahira Khan is the famous actress of Pakistan showbiz who is considered among the experienced actresses of Lollywood, who has been trolled many times.

A fan girl of Mahira Khan has posted a video on the social networking website Instagram claiming to sound like her.

In this short video, the girl tries to prove that she can copy Mahira Khan’s way of speaking and sound like her.

On the other hand, the irony is that while some users criticized the girl for exaggerating Mahira Khan’s style and video, some encouraged her.

However, some users have also made positive comments on the said video. Thousands of people watched the video and openly expressed their opinions. Now tell me if this claim of this girl is true??

It should be noted that actress Mahira Khan has so far shown the essence of her acting in the Indian film “Raees”, “Humsafar”, “Superstar”, “Ban Roy” and many other films and dramas.

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