• July 26, 2022

Tik Tok introduced new features

TikTok, the popular platform for short-form videos, recently announced a number of new features aimed at helping users discover new content and further tailor their viewing experience to their preferences. The methods are to be sure.

These new features include Feed Popular, Keyword Mute, Reset and Dispersion.

‘Popular Feed’ is a non-personalized feed of popular general content suitable for people aged 13 and over.
Keyword mute is a way to search for content in ‘for you’ feeds using specific words or hashtags.

Reset Resets the ‘for you’ feeds if they don’t meet your requirements and you no longer need them. Tests of global diversification and preservation of the propositions given by dispersion are implemented.

The entertainment platform also plans to introduce a content rating system called ‘Content Levels’. Content Levels is a system commonly used by entertainment companies to determine the suitability of content for different age groups. or can be pointed out regarding the acceptability of different topics.

This system identifies content that has gone through the moderation process and adds another layer of protection. When the platform detects a video that contains mature content or complex themes-

For example, videos that contain fictional scenes that are extremely frightening to minors – are given a maturity score to prevent people under the age of 18 from watching such videos.

As a platform that inspires creative expression and entertainment, TikTok is also committed to the overall well-being and safety of its users.

The new features and content levels system are part of Tik Tok’s continuous efforts to provide its viewers with a more enjoyable online experience. In addition, Tik Tik already has a number of ways for users to Make the platform a safe place.

These features include additional privacy settings, in-app reporting, strict community guidelines and local language moderation.

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