• June 15, 2022

What’s so significant about a goat’s head? ” Humayun Saeed told


Karachi: Renowned actor of showbiz industry Humayun Saeed says that the story of the film is completely different from Punjab will not go and its dialogue and story is important.

Leading actors Humayun Saeed and Mahesh Hayat participated in the program “Good Morning Pakistan” to promote their new upcoming film “London Nahi Jawan Ga” under the banner of ARY Films.

Humayun Saeed said that when we did not go to Punjab, the film did a lot of business in London and the people there said that you do not make such films here.

The actor said that at that time I had jokingly told these people that I would not go to London to make it.

He said that he had forgotten to say this but when it came to film, he talked to Khalil-ur-Rehman Qamar Sahib and he said that this film is made.

Humayun Saeed said, “What will happen in the film? We got married, now we will have children in it?” On this, Khalil-ur-Rehman said, “No, no, the film is over. The story will be completely different.”

He said that the story of this film is completely different from “I will not go to Punjab” but it will feel as if I will not go to Punjab as it is.

Humayun said that my style of speaking in the film is exactly the same but Mahosh’s character is very different. He is definitely modern but his journey is different.

The actor said that there is a lion in the trailer of the film, “Where you are kept, there is a heart.” It is also well-liked by the fans.

Remember that the movie “London will not go” will be released on this Eid-ul-Adha under the banner of ARY Films.

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