• March 24, 2022

Where have the sessions of the National Assembly been held since 1947?

ISLAMABAD (INP) Where did the sessions of the National Assembly take place from 1947 till nowAccording to the report of INP, the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan was held on August 10, 1947 at Sindh Assembly Building, Karachi.

The alternate Constituent Assembly came into actuality on May 28, 1955 and the sessions were held in Karachi. The first constitution of the country was made in 1956. On October 7, 1958, General Ayub Khan assessed martial law, after which the civil capital was shifted from Karachi to Islamabad. The new constitution was made and the first session of the National Assembly was held on June 8, 1962 at Ayub Hall, Rawalpindi.
Where Fatima Jinnah Women‘s University is now, the first session of the National Assembly after the fall of Dhaka was held on April 14, 1972 at the State Bank Building, Islamabad. The first meeting was held on March 20, 1985 in the present Parliament House structure.

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